Utility api functions to control browser behaviour

browser.isSupported() ⇒ boolean

Validate if browser is supported


Trigger a reload of the writer based on current hash held internally in the api

browser.getHash() ⇒ string


browser.getId() ⇒ string

Get the pathname in the browser location bar.

browser.setHash(hash) ⇒ string


Param Type Description
hash string New hash value to set

browser.setId(id) ⇒ string

Set the pathname as id in the browser url.

Param Type Description
id string to set

browser.addExternalScript(scriptSource) ⇒ Promise

Adds a script tag in html document

Param Type Description
scriptSource string Script URL


Open an URL in a new window

Param Description
instructions. See getUrl


Gets an URL from the specific instructions

Param Type Description
instructions Object
instructions.url string @deprecated. Not used
instructions.hash string @deprecated. Use instructions.pathname instead
instructions.id string Creates an url.href with id as pathname

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