Name Type
props props

new UIDropdown(props)

Simple Drop down component, which renders a select-element containing option-elements.

Param Type
props props


import {UIDropdown} from 'writer'

render($$) {
  const el = $$('div')
  return el.append(
     $$(UIDropdown, {
         options: [ {label: "one", value: 1}, {label: "two", value: 2} ],
         header: "One or two",
         onChangeList: (value) => { this.extendState({ selectedValue: value }) },
         isSelected: (options, option) => { return option.value === this.state.selectedValue }



Name Type Default Description
options Array.<{label: string, value: *}> An array of Objects with "label" and "value" properties
[header] string Optional header property, renders an h2-element above the dropdown
[disabled] boolean false Set to true to disable selection of the dropdown
onChangeList function Callback function when selected option changes. Selected item's value as parameter
isSelected function Callback which should return true for the currently selected option, runs for each item when rendered and gets all options and current option as parameters.

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