Infomaker NewsML (IMNML) is the format used by several of the Infomakers product such as Writer, Dashboard, Concept Admin, Newsroom Planner etc. IMNML is sort of the ”glue” between these products and here we aim to describe the format a bit closer.

Document format

IMNML is based on IPTC NewsML (NewsML-G2 - IPTC). IMNML make use of the basic IPTC NewsML format but it also relies to a high degree on extensions of the standard.

NewsML document types used

IMNML make use of the following NewsML document types:

  • NewsItem - Represents articles, images and other binaries. Read more here
  • ConceptItem - Represents concepts, i.e. metadata entities, to which other NewsML documents can be related to. E.g. authors, categories, events etc. Read more here
  • PlanningItem - Represents entities used for planning editorial work. Read more here

NewsML Infomaker extensions

The IMNML extensions are described in detail in this XSD file and, on a higher level, below.

  • metadata - Contains information considered to be ”metadata” for the document, e.g. ”news value”
  • object - Contains data that lives inside the document only (compared to a link which points to an external entity and represents a relation). Typically, a content-plugin will store its information and data in an object element. Please note that the attribute uuid can be used on object but this does not automatically means that the object is represented by an object in the repository used.
  • data - Contains ”any” children. Used to store plugin specific data
  • links - Wraps all links (see below) used in the document/element
  • link - Represents a link to an external (from the documents perspective) entity. Make use of attributes to describe how the relation to the entity should be interpreted
  • properties - Wraps all properties (see below) used by the object (parent node)
  • property - Represents a key/value associated with the object (parent node).

Document relations, types and uri

In order to represent types and relations and to convey how to interpret IMNML documents, a broad range of ”relations”, ”types” and ”uri”:s are used. These are described in more detail here.

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